Code: 8M5070

Isocianated, aliphatic based product formulated to improve drying, increase the solids content, hardness, gloss and resistance to weather and chemicals, resistance to powdering etc. Absolutely non yellowing it is suitable for all the synthetic or polyurethane based one component paints (e.g. enamels, clear varnishes).It can be satisfactorily used as a reactive acelerator for two-component polyurethane paints with aliphatic based activator. Our thinners are specifically formulated and balanced for use with our paints. All our products must be diluted necessarily and exclusively with our thinners recommended on the directions of use on each can or specified in the relevant product data sheets. The use of other thinners not specified in our technical information may affect the final result of our products. Our thinners are exclusively obtained with high quality solvent blends.

 REDILFAST can be used at the maximum rate of 20% in replacement (or in addition) to the normal thinner advised (e.g. if the normal recommended thinning is 30% you may dilute with 20% REDILFAST + 10% of the normal thinner. 

The product once diluted with REDILFAST should be necessarily used within the same day.

Paint Type thinner
Binder type A Aliphatic isocyanate
Specific gravity kg/lt (±0,05) 0.980
Shelf life (+10+30°C) 18 months in airtight cans
Application temperature Between +10 C and +40 C
Relevant humidity Less than 80%

Before starting paint application please carefully read all the safety precautions indicated on the label of each can or in the product safety data sheet available on request. For further information please do not hesitate to contact our technical staff.


The above information is given to the best of our current knowledge, however, because the conditions of use of our products are beyond our control, no warranty is given or to be implied in respect of such information. Our technical staff can be contacted to study customer's specific requirements involving our products in order to enable their most effective use. Dilution rates and drying times must be considered only indicative, mainly related to a temperature of 20 ° C (68°F) and may vary according to prevailing temperature, in presence of particular weather conditions or depending on application procedures.