Code: 7F6375

Gelcoat supplied with paraffin liquid already added into the product and based on ortophatalic resins providing good resistance to weather and sunlight exposure. It is the ideal product for general use as in the case of structures that do not have to withstand particular severe conditions of use (e.g. small boats, car body, agricultural tanks, etc.). When applied following a particular process it can be also classified as suitable for food contact. The polyester has been the very first plastic material to be cold mouldable without need of mechanical pressure and that, combined with a reinforced material allowed to considerably improve the mechanical characteristics of a structure. The Gelcoat is “the skin” , the visible part of the structure with two particular purposes: protect from weather and sun exposure and in some cases also from chemical products, and give to the reinforced plastic structure an even and coloured finish. Available in white, other (ral) colours upon specific demand only.


The product is activated with addition of  1,5-2% of methyl-ethyl-keton-peroxide (MEKP) while the thickness applied should be between 0,4 and 0,9 mm (700/900 gr/m2).  The pot life of the activated product varies from 4 t o12 minutes (25°C). The product is stable in its original sealed container for 4-6 months if stored in a dry place and away for heat sources. It is best to appy the product with a  soft hairs bush and check that you have a perfect solvent evaporation from the brush hairs. Product is supplied already paraffinated.

Paint Type Two components
Binder type A ortophtalic resin
Binder type B Methyl.ethyl-keton-peroxide
Code & colour A 7F6375 White
Code & colour B 8Z6042N Hardener
Shelf life +23°C (±2) 18 months in unopened cans
Viscosity Ford (Ø4 a 20°C) Thixo index 2,8 min. (25°C)
Application Brush-Roller
Mixing ratio A+B by volume Add 1,5-2% of Activator (MEKP)
Pot life A+B (20°C) Use the mixture within 4-12 minutes
Brush-Roller Soft bristle brush or Roller: Ready to use
Application temperature Between +10 C and +40 C
Relevant humidity Less than 80%
Dry film thickness advised 400-900 microns
Theoret. coverage m2/Lt 0,7-0,9 according to thickness applied
catalyst added 1,5-2% di MEKP
Tool cleaning Use acetone

Colors: BIANCO
Color code: 7F6375

Colors: NERO
Color code: 94GECN

Colors: GRIGIO 7046
Color code: 94GEGR

Colors: GRIGIO 7035
Color code: 94GECG

Colors: VERDE 6022
Color code: 94GEVE

Color code: 94GE00


Before starting paint application please carefully read all the safety precautions indicated on the label of each can or in the product safety data sheet available on request. For further information please do not hesitate to contact our technical staff.


The above information is given to the best of our current knowledge, however, because the conditions of use of our products are beyond our control, no warranty is given or to be implied in respect of such information. Our technical staff can be contacted to study customer's specific requirements involving our products in order to enable their most effective use. Dilution rates and drying times must be considered only indicative, mainly related to a temperature of 20 ° C (68°F) and may vary according to prevailing temperature, in presence of particular weather conditions or depending on application procedures.